Bridging the Gap Between Vacation Ownership & Mainstream Travel

HSI understands that 98% of travel is NOT by Vacation Ownership, but by way of Hotels, Tours, Sports Travel and Cruises. Therefore, HSI is not just an Exchange or Rental Company, but also a complete Vacation Ownership enhancement. HSI brings Vacation Ownership in synch with how people really travel, and delivers these services with the industry’s only BEST-PRICE GUARANTEES and COMPLETE REVENUE SHARING. HSI provides the end-user value necessary to make Vacation Ownership more appealing to the mainstream traveler. As a result, sales, revenue, customer satisfaction, and Vacation Ownership brand loyalty are enhanced.

Private Branding and Revenue Sharing

Through HSI’s PRIVATE-BRANDED program (the “Owner Advantage Program™”), our clients enjoy an increase in sales, an increase in brand loyalty, a decrease in delinquencies, a decrease in rescission, and substantial monthly revenue through the industry’s only complete REVENUE SHARING system.

Sophisticated and Technologically Unequaled

HSI is a leader in innovation and technology. As a privately held company with an extensive in-house technology team, HSI delivers customized products and services faster than any other company in the world. Our clients enjoy the benefit of a “CAN-DO” unselfish attitude, resulting in an aggressive and quick response to their needs. Through sophisticated automation and tracking, HSI delivers services quickly, efficiently, and with accurate historical data to enhance marketing and receivables.

HSI Client Satisfaction

HSI’s confidential client list includes the industry’s most exceptional performers. After partnering with HSI, our clients report an increase in sales up to 40% and a DROP in rescission by as much as 10%. HSI clients enjoy a straightforward relationship with contract guarantees to ensure competitor exclusivity and product control. HSI understands we must earn your business on a DAILY basis.

Occupancy Solutions

As a major source of Vacation Ownership and mixed-use property reservations, HSI is positioned to address the occupancy needs of our clients. Through HSI’s Extranet and other technology platforms, HSI is able to target the right customers without devaluing your product.

Service & End-User Value

When it comes to service & end-user value, HSI simply has no equal. As the industry’s only Vacation Ownership enhancement inclusive of best price guarantees on virtually EVERY aspect of travel, HSI clients enjoy a powerful competitive edge. From Vacation Exchange, to Resort Weeks, Hotel Stays, Cruises, Tour Packages, Sports Travel and the Lowest Priced Airfare Concierge Service®, vacation owners find ONE-STOP-VALUE without having to piece together the best pricing from multiple sources. HSI’s Vacation Exchange program has consistently delivered the industry’s highest satisfaction ratings through a 100% No-Cost Request-Before-Deposit risk-free system, the industry’s only Special Exchange network (Hotel Exchange, Cruise Exchange, Tour Exchange, Sports Exchange, Airfare Exchange, and CASH Exchange), and the lowest Exchange Fees.

Product & Service Portfolio

From Vacation Exchange Done Right™, Vacation Ownership added-value, deal-on-the-table sales support, the industry’s most exclusive Exit program (a “Taste of Paradise”), to occupancy solutions and unmatched customer satisfaction in five-languages, HSI has what it takes to help you profit and grow in today’s economic climate.

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